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Leila Greenfield (MPsychOrg, BSc (Hons), MAPS)

Leila has 9 years experience in Organisational Psychology, Environmental Change and Human Resource consulting roles. Over this time, she has managed a number of consulting and research projects for private, public and NFP sector organisations. Leila's experience includes:

  • Leadership framework design, development and implementation;
  • Assessment design and application;
  • Training development and facilitation;
  • Evaluation of interventions, programs and projects;
  • Focus group facilitation, in-depth interviewing and individual, group and organisation-wide feedback;
  • Project management;
  • Job analysis, position description, performance management and selection assessment development and application;
  • Stakeholder, consumer and employee survey development, management and reporting;
  • Quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis;
  • Design and implementation of up-to-date and empirically sound organisational interventions;
  • Change management.
Leila is a registered Psychologist and holds a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and a Certificate in Environmental Change Management.

Tracey Bloxsome (BPsych (Hons), DPsych (Org) completing)

Tracey has 8 years experience research and consulting roles within the Federal public service and private industry covering areas such as leadership identification and development, performance management and population research. Tracey's expertise and experience include:

  • Project management;
  • Employee development;
  • Attitude survey development, implementation and reporting;
  • Change management;
  • Development and maintenance of large scale databases;
  • Quantitative research design and analysis;
  • Focus group facilitation, and individual and group feedback;
  • Development and evaluation of research based and best practice organisational interventions including performance management systems, job analysis, mentoring programs, training and development programs and leadership assessment.
Tracey holds a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and a Graduate Certificate in Statistics.

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