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Services provided by GreenBlox include:
  • Change Management
  • Training Development and Facilitation
  • Employee Development
  • Talent Identification
  • Performance Management
  • Attitude Surveys
  • Organisational Culture and Climate Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Job Analysis
  • Sustainability Reporting

Change Management

We can help you with all aspects of change starting with planning change in relation to your strategic direction to implementation, management and evaluation of change. We operate on the principle that change is best received when those involved have a sense of contribution toward the initiatives. This includes gaining employee and stakeholder buy-in for the change through engagement and involvement focused on the development of an understanding of the rationale, process and impacts of the change.

Change Management Flow Chart.pdf

Training Development and Facilitation

Our staff hold Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and have experience in training and facilitation of small and large groups. We offer pre-developed training in core business skills such as time management, change management, dealing with difficult people and negotiation skills. We can also complete a training need analysis for your organisation and provide specialised training targeted toward your needs.

Training Development and Faciltation Flow Chart.pdf

Employee Development

Employee development is more than training. It is about understanding the skills and experiences your staff require to move the business in the direction you want it to head and ensuring your staff are capable and willing to do this. It is about identifying your staff's development ambitions and determining whether they meet business needs and identifying the best way to ensure your staff get the development they want and need. Development activities include such things as job enrichment, job enlargement, secondment, networking opportunities, mentoring, coaching, on the job training and much more. We will help you to identify which activities best suit your staff and organisation.

Employee Development Flow Chart.pdf
Talent Identification

Within most organisations there is a lot of untapped talent. Through the use of competency based assessments and open discussions in the organisations we can help you to identify talent and potential you never knew you had!

When staff feel they are being used to their best ability and see potential future growth they are more likely to be satisfied in their role and stay with the organisation.

Talent Identification Flow Chart.pdf

Performance Management

Performance assessment processes are more than just measuring employees. Effective performance management processes that are linked with business strategy and position expectations can assist in ensuring that all business imperatives are being met. We can work with you to develop a performance assessment and review process that will help you monitor and ensure your business goals are being met.

Performance Management Flow Chart.pdf

Attitude Surveys

Employee attitude and opinions can have a great effect on the behaviour of your staff including the way in which work is conducted within your organisation. We help you to gain a better understanding of your employee's opinions through canvassing their attitudes on topics that can influence your businesses strategic functioning. Some areas that can be covered by attitude surveys include:

  • Satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Leadership and supervision practices
  • Business ethics
  • Key strategic objectives
  • Human resource and personnel policies
to name just a few.

Attitude Surveys Flow Chart.pdf
Organisational Culture and Climate Assessment

The culture and climate, ' how things are done around here', of each organisation is unique. Assessment of your company's culture and climate can provide insight into aspects that are key predictors of organisational effectiveness. This includes corporate adaptability to organisational change; clarity of organisational mission and strategy; norms, values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence work motivations, commitment and ultimately, individual and work unit performance.

Organisational Culture and Climate Assessment Flow Chart.pdf

Program Evaluation

Evaluation is a key step in any program, yet is quite often not undertaken or given the importance it deserves. Learning from past experiences can have a great impact on future performance. At GreenBlox, we are skilled in evaluation methodologies and incorporate evaluation in to all of our services. We can also evaluate existing programs within your business to determine whether they fit with your strategic direction.

Program Evaluation Flow Chart.pdf

Job Analysis

We use the systematic process of job analysis to develop tangible job and competency frameworks. Our process is holistic. We look at the bigger picture such as where the role fits within the business and what success looks like, and we also investigate the smaller components that make the role up. The resulting frameworks provide a platform for integrating all of your people functions including the identification, differentiation and determination of training incumbents.

Job Analysis Flow Chart.pdf
Sustainability Reporting

Following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, we work with you in the assessment and reporting of agreed sustainability metrics of your organisation. Additionally, we can assist in the development of Sustainability Reporting and measurement proforma, guides and benchmarks.

Sustainability Reporting Flow Chart.pdf

Please contact us for a copy of the complete GreenBlox Services Brochure including a sample flow process for each of our services.

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