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Our Sustainability Practices

GreenBlox is an organisation established on the philosophy, principles and practices of sustainability. In every action we undertake and service we provide, we consider the three pillars of sustainability (environment, society and economics) to ensure that our actions are informed, balanced and fair.

At GreenBlox we endeavour to act as a model for sustainability practices. We demonstrate that sustainability practices can be effectively implemented into organisations without much cost and no inconvenience. It is about making informed decisions and taking small steps to implement more sustainable practices.

For example, it is GreenBlox standard practice to:

  • Only print when absolutely necessary;
  • To print double sided (and two to a page for drafts);
  • Use recycled content paper;
  • Encourage our clients to print only when necessary
  • Provide minimal number of hard-copy reports;
  • Recycle all possible waste generated through the activity of business;
  • Purchase infrastructure that provides minimal environmental and social impact (not just in the function but within the life-cycle of the product);
  • Minimise business related travel, use public transport whenever possible, carpool when driving, offset carbon emissions for staff cars and business related air travel;
  • Purchase green power; and
  • Endeavour to engage socially and environmentally conscious suppliers.

GreenBlox will employ these and other sustainability practices as a matter of course when conducting our business.

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